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Through Fine Art America, True African Art .com, sells prints of its original African art paintings by 75 African artists. There are three positive things about this:

1.) If the original is sold on our Home website, then a print may still available to order here on Fine Art America. If not, you can always request that we add it for you.

2.) The prints here often costs much less than the original.

3.) The prints here are offered at different sizes, with mat, frame and medium options.

If you want the sole original and it is not sold on our Home website, then just go to our African paintings for sale Home Website Page to purchase the original there. We offer Free Shipping Worldwide from near New York City on our originals.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our selection of African art and find the perfect piece to purchase! If you have any questions or special requests, just contact us at or leave a message at + 1-914-602-8037 EST.

~ Gathinja Yamokoski
Kenyan Native, Artist, and Website Owner


L 5 by Albert Lizah

L 5


Rainbow Portrait by Obi


Maasai Legends by Richard Kimemia


Night Reflections by Nii Hylton


Ghosts by Nii Hylton


Rural Traders by Nii Hylton


N-183 by John Ndambo


N-174 by John Ndambo


N-169 by John Ndambo


N-168 by John Ndambo


N-167 by John Ndambo


My Backyard by Evans Yegon


Mask 3 by Appiah Ntiaw


Mask 2 by Appiah Ntiaw


Mask 1 by Appiah Ntiaw


The Drummer 2 by Angu Walters


L-252 by Albert Lizah


L-257 by Albert Lizah


L-243 by Albert Lizah


L-235 by Albert Lizah


L-189 by Albert Lizah


L-162 by Albert Lizah


Lullaby 2 by James Nii Addo


Two Loves by Femi


Thoughts in Color by Femi


My Night Out by Richard Adusu


Kiss Me by Richard Adusu


A Mother's Love by Frank Dwuye


True African Symbols by Daniel Akortia


Happy Boy by Daniel Akortia


Figuring it Out by Daniel Akortia


Facemask by Daniel Akortia


Chomba by Daniel Akortia


A Mother to all by Daniel Akortia


Flute Master by Daniel Akortia


Refreshment by Daniel Akortia


A World of Thoughts by Daniel Akortia


Communication by Gathinja


Ululation by Gathinja


African Princess by Amakai


Ghana Ladies by Amakai


Beauty After the Rain by Amakai


The Koral by Daniel Akortia


May I Have this Dance? by C-Kle


Together by Nii Samuel


Discover to Recover by C-Kle


Life Goes On by Nii Samuel


Rule your World by C-Kle