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This website and your print fulfillment are hosted by the On Demand Print company, Fine Art America. They ship from centers worldwide. Our originals website, True African Art, sells prints of some sold works here on this website, African Art Paintings.

There are three positive things about our Prints Service:

1.) If the original on True African Art doesn't suit your pocketbook, then a print may afford some significant savings. If the painting here that you want isn't here, you can request us to place it here for you.

2.) Custom, on demand prints are almost indistinguishable in viewing quality from the original.

3.) The prints here are offered at different sizes, with many mat, frame, medium, and accessory options.

If you have any questions or special requests, just contact us at or leave a message at + 1.914.602.8037 EST. Alternatively, you can call Fine Art America anytime at 1-877-807-5901.

Thank you for your interest! Browse around and find the piece that speaks to you!

~ Gathinja Yamokoski


See no Evil, Hear no Evil by Francis Sampson


Music and Work by Francis Sampson


Market Place Scene by Francis Sampson


Celebration Drumming - Red by Francis Sampson


Celebration Drumming - Blue by Francis Sampson


Stature by Francis Sampson


SN-50 by Stephen Njenga


SN-46 by Stephen Njenga


SN-45 by Stephen Njenga


SN-44 by Stephen Njenga


SN-37 by Stephen Njenga


SN-22 by Stephen Njenga


SN-10 by Stephen Njenga


SN-50 by Stephen Njenga


SN-2 by Steohen Njenga


sn-53 by Stephen Njenga


Happy Family by Angu Walters


L-285 by Albert Lizah


B-410 by Martin Bulinya


B-413 by Martin Bulinya


B-404 by Martin Bulinya


B-400 by Martin Bulinya


B-389 by Martin Bulinya


B-385 by Martin Bulinya


N-214 by John Ndambo


N-210 by John Ndambo


N-206 by John Ndambo


N-203 by John Ndambo


N-198 by John Ndambo


In the Night by Appiah Ntiaw


Hair Care by Appiah Ntiaw


Gods by Appiah Ntiaw


L-262 by Albert Lizah


L-275 by Albert Lizah


L-286 by Albert Lizah


L-264 by Albert Lizah


L-284 by Albert Lizah


L-281 by Albert Lizah


Red Beauty of Women by Justin Laryea


Hidden by Femi


Almost Done by Wilson Simwa


Still Waters by Evans Yegon


L 5 by Albert Lizah

L 5


Rainbow Portrait by Obi


Maasai Legends by Richard Kimemia


Night Reflections by Nii Hylton


Ghosts by Nii Hylton


Rural Traders by Nii Hylton